Ten Reasons You Should Be A Better Project Manager

  1. Organizations willing to allow hastily planned, poorly led projects weaken themselves and endanger employees by wasting precious resources.

  2. Organizations that are flattening (e.g., through reengineering, downsizing, or rightsizing) will depend on projects and project leaders to get work done that was once handled by departments.

  3. With rare exceptions, project prime movers believe project meltdowns are the result of weak project leadership.

  4. More than one lumpy project leadership performance can give you a reputation that will repel future project participants.

  5. Project work is often disguised by the use of the word “team”; if you find yourself on or leading a team, you’re probably working with others to complete a project.

  6. The abilities required to organize and carry out successful projects will enhance other aspects of your job.

  7. Leading successful projects is the best way to prove your promotability to the people who make those decisions.

  8. The best way to promote effective project leadership is to set examples so powerful and positive that others wouldn’t dare do less than follow those examples.

  9. Project leaders seldom get better until they know how to do it right.

  10. If you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse as you get older.

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