Podcasts, videos and online training can be good tools to communicate an expectation, describe a new process or convey specific information. More often than not, these communication/training tools are most effective as part of a performance enhancement strategy. When you select one or more examples on this page, try to imagine how they could compliment a carefully designed, multi-channel performance improvement campaign. And if you'd like help imagining. click here for some ideas from us.
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Getting a Project Done on Time

My 1996 book focuses on the management and leadership skills that allow a project manager to form and guide a project team from an informed start to a successful finish. The example to the right is a reading from the preface.

Applied Project Leadership

The APL skills survey, which you can request by clicking here, serves as pre-work for project managers who are scheduled for our Applied Project Leadership course and as a preview of course content. Regardless of the industry, project work is a common feature of business life and a process that requires a balance of interpersonal, leadership skills and outcome-specific technical expertise.
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Developing A Work From Home Capability

With just a little bit of effort, many businesses can recovery from work interruptions by building and practicing work from home Business Continuity plans. The 'explainer' to the right highlights the need and overviews how to do it.

Table Top Business Continuity Exercises

Without practice, all the work that goes into Business Continuity Assessment and BC Planning can yield very little recovery readiness. Table top exercises, as described in the Explainer to the right, can help teams learn their plans and use them in an efficient, continuously improving process.
Applied Business Continuity
This video explains a novel way to use time-tested best business continuity practices and introduces the book that covers the approach in detail. Coming in Q 4 2017.
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Sales Coaching

Professional sales reps are always looking to improve and one of the most vital resources they can have in their pursuit of excellence is a strong manager-coach. Click the link on the right to hear an excerpt from our Sales Coaching booklet.
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Meeting Manifesto

Meetings can be a productivity sinkhole if company leadership doesn't establish firm standards, consistently demonstrate the expected behaviors and levy consequences for marginal meetings. The Meeting Manifesto introduced in the podcast to the right and available upon request by clicking here, makes a case for the importance of a meeting mastery company culture.