Sometimes, a list of steps to take or questions to ask yourself are needed to bridge the gap from training to the workplace. Other times, a job aid is a better (faster, more effective and less costly) performance enhancement solution than classroom or online training. If you see one of our job aids/booklets below that interests you, please use the link to send us an e-mail request. We'll be happy to reply with a complimentary copy.

Meeting Master Checklist

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Meeting Master is a process that starts at the top. An executive commits to driving an organizational change that demands meeting effectiveness and efficiency. We coach the executives in the skills of high performance meetings and, when the leaders are ready, they invite their direct reports to a meeting where they demonstrate the new meeting standard. An 8 page Meeting Master pre-ready booklet accompanies the invitation. At the end of the meeting, the leaders direct each attendee to repeat the meeting with their reports and to oversee a cascade of these meetings throughout their respective organizations. A Meeting Master booklet is attached to each invitation and the Meeting Master checklist is distributed to every attendee at the end of each meeting. For a period of weeks following the Meeting Master roll out, the management team is responsible for monitoring meetings and providing feedback.

Sales Productivity Checklist

Need satisfaction sales isn’t simple or easy. From the first introductory meeting where rep and prospect discuss potential needs and solutions to customer care meetings where a rep brings ideas and offers intended to solidify the relationship, need satisfaction sales reps must be organized, knowledgeable and creative while also being personable, engaging and grateful. Given the complexity of selling to a territory of prospects and clients, any rep can occasionally skip a critical element of selling. This checklist is designed to remind reps of critical selling steps.

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Project Management Producivity Checklist

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The interpersonal side of project management starts the minute a project is assigned to a project manager. Teams of people, many of whom don’t report to the project manager, must be selected and to some degree, persuaded to give the project work the attention it needs. End users of the project’s result must be willing to reveal what outcome would be worth the team’s effort and worth any disruption associated with giving up the current solution for something new. This checklist is intended to prompt project managers to the right stakeholders at the right time during the project in the right way.

High Yield Training Checklist

Conventional classroom training can be a great way to upgrade skills and/or knowledge and it can be a miserable waste of time and enthusiasm. Most training falls somewhere between these extremes but it doesn’t have to. If the training topic, methodology and follow through plan are solid, the yield from a training session can be significantly enhanced by making attendees responsible for getting the most they can get. This checklist prompts the would be learner to take specific steps before the training session, to do certain things that optimize engagement during the session and to methodically follow through after the session.

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Sales Skills Survey - Manager Edition

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The Comprehensive Selling Skills Inventory is a little different than the checklists it follows. This Manager’s edition is a tool intended to help sales managers thoroughly assess their rep’s skill in competency areas ranging from Industry and Market Knowledge to Objection Handling and Entertaining. In addition to supporting a skills conversation between manager and rep (there is a Rep’s edition for self-assessment), this skills inventory can also serve as a good reminder to skills to emphasize or resume.